Precious Moments

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""Don't you go through a day without remembering something of it, and tucking that memory away like a treasure. Because it is. And memories are sweet doors, Cory. They're teachers and friends and disciplinarians. When you look at something don't just look. See it. Really, really see it" (McCammon, 226).

Memories are one of the things that a person can treasure individually, and look back upon with either a smile or a frown. Whether they are good recollections or bad ones, they're thoughts we value and hold dearly, because they're just that precious. Memories are what help us reminisce on events of the past, and they're also crystal balls to help us see into the future. That's why it's important to capture every moment that passes us by, so we'll have a record of every event and occurrence.

Within these pages of Boy's Life, Cory, needless to say, experiences countless situations, where ages from now, there will probably "come a day when [he wishes he] could be [a boy] again" (225) and he'll end up looking back at a time in his past.

He'll recall the incident with Old Moses, the first time he met Chile Willow and her beauty, or even the time when he had been shown the harsh reality of life by Princey and the others on that one night on the train. He'll reflect on all of these things, and he'll either look at them with sentimental longing, or just realize that what he'd learn from that occurrence held an honorable moral or lesson.

Each memory can hold a lifetime worth of happiness or sadness, but they can also share with us the wisdom that we perhaps overlooked the first time around. Our innermost thoughts are trapped within the visions of days past, but...