Poem study 2- Robert Browning (1812-1889) 'My Last Duchess'

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Robert Browning was born on the 7th of May 1812 to father Robert Browning and mother Sarah Wiedemann Browning. He was an only son but had a sister called Sarianna Browning. His family nationality was English, although he did speak Greek as well. Robert was an impulsive, fearless little boy who was also rather a prodigy, writing poems and reading at a young age. He attended School of Rev. Thomas Ready, Peckham: 1825 and had a home tutor some time later. Between 1841 and 1846, he published four books, mainly collections of his shorter poems that would become among his most famous works. Round about this time he met Elizabeth Barrett and they married some years later. His greatest honors are an M.A. of Oxford: June 1868, fellow of Balliol College: October 1868 and president of 5 Assoc. Societies of Edinburgh: 1885. He died on the 12th of December 1889 and was buried in Poet's Corner, Westminster Abbey.

Browning's poem, 'My Last Duchess' is based on the life of Alfonso II, duke of Ferrara in the sixteenth century. The Duke in question lived in the 16th century round about the time of the Renaissance. He is entertaining an envoy that has come to negotiate a marriage with the daughter of another powerful man. 'My Last Duchess' is a dramatic monologue and is the speech of one man only to help emphasize arrogance. The rhythm is broken by exclamation marks and questions. The rhythm shows that he stops every now and again, to ponder the reasons for what has happened. He also uses a wide variety of punctuation in 'My Last Duchess' and this adds excitement and at times quickens the pace. He also has a way with run on lines. 'My Last Duchess...