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When Becky brought her two small children to the battered women's shelter, she never thought that she would be putting her children at risk of contagious airborne diseases. It was her first night there, when Casey walked in with her four month old and three year old sons carelessly stating that her four month old had just been diagnosed with pinkeye as she handed the baby to another resident, Michelle, to hold until she signed in. Casey was young, 23, and really did not see that pink eye was anymore contagious then a cut on one's finger.

The next day many residents were irate with Casey; she paraded around the shelter freely with her four-month old, giving him to residents that may not have known that he had been diagnosed with pink eye. Casey was also allowed to go to work while another resident babysat her baby with the belief that she was not at risk of receiving the infectious disease. Casey had been told by several residents that pink eye was airborne and was contagious; she stated that the doctor did not state that and everyone would be fine.

Two days after her son had been diagnosed with pink eye; at least 9 of the 27 residents had contacted the disease as well, including Casey and her 3 year old. After the outbreak she was quarantined to her room, Casey was irate; she felt that it was just a coincidence that several residents had contacted the infection. After 6 weeks of the first diagnosis 23 of the 27 residents had contacted pink eye at lease once, with several residents that had it up to 3 times within the timeframe.

If quarantining was placed into affect in the beginning this would not have occurred. I am totally for...