Philosophy and old age

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, "The Meaning of Life in Old Age"

The Author's question is, what is the meaning of life? Most people look to psychology for the meaning of life rather than religion and philosophy. This question has an effect on how one thinks about the social system, about the ethics, about politics and about the daily activities of one's life. Modern philosophers believe life can maintain meaning in old age even if life as a whole does not have meaning. Old age is a time for sharing wisdom and spiritual understanding and other positive images of old age depend on a cultural framework.

First, one must understanding there meaning in life. The author explains how it is characterized of modern thought to separate three levels of meaning: the individual, the collective, and the cosmic. All of these must be connected according to the philosopher.

The meaning of life as a whole is something that humans question during midlife crises and autobiographical reflections in old age.

However, one must know there is a second sense of the problematic question about the meaning of life and that is not just to be concerned about the meaning of the entire human existence or human history as a whole.

The author points out how no one can look at their life as a whole until one has completed their life span and it is then they can look back and see the meaning of their life for them as an individual. It is during old age in the final stage of the life span; the stage that sums up everything up until that point and it is at this time that one sees life as a whole. And incidents that one remembers in their lives are only 'tasks' that occurred during certain stages in life.