Peter The Great

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Peter the great was a visionary in many ways. At the time of his rule russia was at a time of struggle they were behind the slow curve if you will. Yet, Peter was curious as to what technologies there were in the Western Europe Area. Peter was also a bit insecure about being the Czar in my eyes. When someone revolted he would have over 1000 rebels tortured and executed. To me that is him having the use of force to keep the people at bay. Then leaving their corpses outside of the palace walls. Was all that truly necessary for him to keep the contentment with his people. He was too militaristic to keep a nation going as it did. Creating the largest standing army in europe he wanted to take over enough land to have a warm-water port. Now this warm-water port was a good idea, this would give him access to a water way that wouldnt freeze up on him during the seasons, allowing his Empire to strive on the trades that he set up early in his rule however he would have to push through the Ottoman Empire and due to this fact many of his soldiers were massicured.

Greed overcame Peter. He didnt mind losing as many soldiers as he needed. Their lives weren't important to him. In 1700 he wanted to expand more, so he started a war against Sweden. A Swedish army of only 8000 men defeated one of his Russian armies five times its size. Did Peter care? No, he rebuilt his army and in 1709 did it again until he finally captured the Baltic region. Again out of greed what did Peter do? He just HAD to have a new capital city didnt he? He made thousands of serfs...