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Persuasive Essay Language Arts FOR CAPITAL PUNISHMENT I believe that capital punishment should be reinstated in Canada for people that commit first-degree murder. Facts show there are more reasons for reinstating capital punishment than there are to leave it eliminated. Some of the key reasons include it would decrease the cost of holding criminals in cells, eliminate risk of re-offenders, and it is a great deterrent to prevent murders. On the question of morality, there are many indicators that capital punishment is okay.

First, if a murderer is executed, there is no chance of them re-offending. 6% of young adults paroled in 1978 (in the US) committed murder within five years. Should we be risking the lives of more innocent people to save the life of a single murderer? Second, capital punishment acts as a huge deterrent towards murder. If a would be criminal knows they will be executed for a murder, they will more likely think twice before they "˜pull the trigger' and possibly change their mind about committing murder.

Without capital punishment, a murderer with a life sentence receives 25 years of all expense paid accommodations, but with good behavior can get out in 10. How much of a deterrent is that? That could be a much better life than what poverty stricken people have.

Third, many people question the moral aspects of capital punishment, especially Christians. On the contrary, there are many indicators in the bible saying capital punishment is okay and even promotes it.

1. *There must be two or more witnesses before one accused of murder can be put to death (Numbers 35:30) 2. A person judged guilty of murder must die. Do not allow any kind of bargain or ransom for his life. (Num. 35:30) 3. The blood of the victim murdered defiles the...