What was the overall marketing strategy for Dunkin Donut's "Longest Love Message to Moms" campaign? Which specific tactics (4 p's) were uses and how? What would you have done differently?

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In America, donuts might not essentially be connected with family principles, and they surely aren't related to Mother's Day. In Thailand, though, Dunkin' Donut's established a way to connect their merchandise with just these things. The effect, the "Longest Love Message to Moms" endorsement designed at two calculated objectives: to increase market share and to boost brand name devotion amongst targeted patrons. During the summer of 1999, Dunkin' Donut's did just this.

The key contrast between the market in Thailand and that in America remains within the customers perception of the product: in America, the largest part of the business occurs in the morning, with a rushed fast-paced approach, while in Thailand, the exchange takes place in the late afternoon, with a higher importance on getting together and meeting people. As well, the society in Thailand supplicates a greater value on the family, with as many as three generations living in the same home, but always a prevalence of dissimilar generations in the same household that is not seen in the United States. Additionally, the Thai royal family possesses a very significant place in the Thais lifestyle, and certainly, the Queen mother's birthday, August 12, is also the national Mother's Day. It was on these three positions that Dunkin' Donut's based their new promotion.

The corporation spent a preliminary $14,000 U.S. dollars on packaging, publicity, posters and rewards. At the center store in Bangkok, well-known Thai actors were employed to begin the campaign, by signing a variety of vinyl banners with love letters to their moms. These banners were then dispersed to the additional stores, and employees distributed 100,000 leaflets welcoming customers to take part. The heart of the promotion was to bring people into the Dunkin' Donut's for five weeks, "all Thais were invited to...