Organizational Behavior - Diversity in Teams

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Diversity in the Learning Team

Learning Teams are in integral part of the learning process at the University of Phoenix. By nature, teams are dynamic and therefore faced with the task of identifying the types of diversity within them. These differences have both a positive and negative impact upon the team. This paper will identify the diversity amongst the team members and analyze its impact on the group effectiveness.


One of the benefits of our learning team is that the team consists of three women and two men. Different genders bring about different views and opinions. Having these different outlooks in a team setting at least in our team is looked upon as very positive for our group effectiveness. We are able to share in each other's points of view. By doing so, we actually become better listeners and better at dealing with conflict resolution.

During our last class we were given a perception exercise.

We read the Alligator River Story and were asked to rank the characters of the story from most offensive to least objectionable. We all had a slightly different perception of some of the characters, but what was interesting was how the males and females in the class differed in their opinion and perception of Gregory's character.

The males in the class felt that Gregory was in a way a victim. He was unfairly beaten when had had nothing to do with Abigail's decisions or actions. The women on the other hand although agreeing that Gregory was unfairly beaten, were disappointed in Gregory. He cast aside his love for Abigail so quickly and easily when all she was trying to do was get to him and be with him. She was trying to do what they had both wanted and that was to be...