Organizational Behavior

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Organizational behavior is the study of groups and individuals within a company. Organizational behavior affects the way a company views and reacts to different concepts such as, diversity, communication, organizational culture, effectiveness, efficiency and learning. In this paper on organizational behavior I will discuss the meaning of these concepts and how they relate to my organization.

Organizational behavior as stated by Hunt, Osborn and Schermerhorn is the study of individuals and groups in organizations. The organization I work for has ignored the behavior of management and employees. It seems that management and employees never thought that change would come. Recently a new leader has come in and implemented certain changes to the organization. These changes are supposed to provide better service for citizens. The changes are better for the customers and citizens, but employees are noticing the changes are having a negative affect on them financially. The behavior of the organization has been mostly negative towards change and employees are seeking employment in other companies.

Organizational culture is the actions, values, and necessities individuals apply to the work they put in towards the success of an organization. Some organizations employees put forth their best effort to achieve a positive culture, but in my organization moral is low and employees are showing how much they care about the company in the quality and quantity of jobs being completed. The lack of incentives for employees doing a good job is one reason for employees not striving to achieve more. These negative actions by management and employees are causing the company to fail.

Diversity within a company is necessary for a company to succeed or compete, because of America's large diverse population. Diversity in an organization consists of having employees from different races, religions, cultures, genders, ages and alternative lifestyles. An organization...