Ole Betsy

Essay by spoonman419 July 2004

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Did ole' Betsy know that flag she made

Would today, in all skies, wave?

The Red Stripe, the blood of those lost

The White Stripe, what peace will cost

The Stars, the shock of when we've been had

Oh ole' Betsy did you know it would get this bad?

The needle and thread

Sewn in it were the dreams of the dead.

Did the fathers not tell you what you were creating?

Not just a flag, but beliefs in the making.

Oh how sad it is Betsy

Our lives rely on whether that flag is capable of breaking

But oh no it will not falter

Not even as we perish on the brim of God's alter

Forever will it stand together

No matter how many times it is ripped and torn

And felt the enemies scorn

That flag will stand during our greatest endeavors

You sewed that flag with more than tangible items:

Soldiers hold that flag and say "We've got to fight 'em"

Mothers cry while grasping that flag

Saying, "I wish my children had a dad!"

Its spirit is more than cloth alone

For without it our patriotic cries would drone

All our hopes lie in your creation

Oh Betsy did you know?

If you did , your soul would shine with elation

Oh Betsy I hope you know.