Negative Effects of Welfare

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When people receive federal aid like Welfare, it inhibits their abilities to strive and achieve a higher way of living. Welfare can be a helpful tool in times of great need and unfortunate circumstances, when your world has seemingly bottomed-out under you. However, I believe that Welfare is far more abused than used as a stepping stone to reach toward firmer ground where people can stand on their own aspiring for their future.

When people get caught in the cycle of living with financial aid, they become the victims of a demoralized society believing that everything should be handed to them on a silver platter. People who receive Welfare get used to the feeling of receiving without working and this is unhealthy. The thoughts of, this isn't fair, and I deserve better floods the mind of the individual who gains without pay.

Our society is being developed into that of a lazy culture that will fall apart a few generations into the future.

Our government will not be able to stand if half our citizens are working to support the other half.

Children today do not have a sufficient model of life and how to best work through it. Lazy adults are raising lazy children toward a hopeless future. We are bringing up a generation that will end up in the same Welfare trap that we raised them in. With proper nurturing children learn to meet the demands of home and school, and develop a feeling of self-worth through accomplishment and interaction with others, or

they come to feel inferior in relation to others and do not progress into self-sufficient adults capable of supporting themselves.

I believe that Welfare based communities are also correlated to an increased amount of violence, crime and social disrespect do in part to compact living...