Ned Kelly : The Retrial

Essay by Laurax August 2004

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First. Does anyone notice the news on cloning technology and it's feeling of not saying everything? They predict that they could one day produce a complete human being. Anyone think it's already been done? I do.

Which is why I will be acting like Daniell Kelly today, I am his clone.

So what am I doing "here" of all places, I happened to hear that your having a re-trial of my good brother Ned, and I was asked to contribute so I'll be defending him just as Ned did me in his day.

Now a days it is believed that a man can be rehabilitated. Oh but what is this I hear my good brother being labelled ... "an hereditary criminal" this is insulting me too here, "a vicious killer" that I'll get to soon enough and "a man incapable of civilised behaviour, which.... I don't know about you but saving a boy from drowning is civilised.

Polite speech and behaviour towards even the victims of your actions can still be considered civilised. Near every one Ned robbed considered him a very polite person. These people with their accusations are obviously neglecting to mention all the efforts that Ned put into our property as well as his labouring jobs and breeding horses.

Ned realy was a good man, the best I ever knew, he just had a way of having his circumstances get the beter of him. Ned's "crimes" realy only got serious at stringy bark creek when the traps decided our lives wren't worth living.

Most people would use what happened there to dam Ned. Fools. They just don't understand, I suppose I should help with that part now. What happened was ... hell it wasn't planned that's for sure.

I was working at bullock creek, which isn't really...