The Necklace (Altered version of Lord of The Rings) Chapter 4

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Chapter 4

The meet of Smicer

"Are we going to get horses?" said John wondering

" No we wont get horses. We wont be able to afford it," replied Yolanda.

They made their way threw the rocky roads. " About how long will this journey take us?"

" About 6 months if we are lucky and the weather is good."

        Nights went by as the journey continued. There were no other creatures around. They travelled day after day and then finally and then when there was on day a horse came by and there was a message on the tail which read

        Dear Yolanda        ÂÂ

There has been a incident and we need your personal help since you have the experty of the wizards art. We are dying for your help and we hope that you proseed immediately and we have given you a horse to make you come as fast as possible

        From Valdo        ÂÂ

        Yolando cleared his throat and spoke out "I will be off for a while with this important incident.

You will guys stick north and follow it I will meet you as soon as possible. Well I will better be off and please John, try not to tell anybody what you have."

        As Yolanda went off they could only see a dot of him. They stood there a while wondering if he will ever come back and then John spoke out

"We better be off"

They headed north for a few days and met no one in site.

They woke up the next morning finding that and arrow brushed through the air. John woke up Sam and told him to make a run for it as they ran for their life this time there was a whole lot of them as arrows came shooting by.