The Necklace (Altered version of Lord of The Rings) Chapter 3

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Chapter 3

The History Of The Necklace


        Yolanda kept staring at it and then he recognised it. He muttered out, "Where did you get it."

"My father gave it to me," said John and still wondering where it came from.

"Where did you father find it."

"He found it when he was on a journey."

"That necklace once belonged to the dark lord," said Yolanda.

" This necklace can has the power of a shield which can make you imortal. But john you can't use it. Only the dark lord can use it. The only way of it coming out is to die or to go where it is made and it would come out. An the only way of destroying it is to throwing into the fire where it was made.

"I still don't get it."

        "At 1000 years ago there lived a dark lord who made this necklace he used in wars and killed everyone.

The necklace made the master imortal so if anybody tried to stab him it would reverse. He never lost a war. The good tried everything to kill him but never was successful. They the good almost were about to die but they made the biggest army ever and they fought. They killed the creature and captured the dark lord they carried him to the fire and the necklace came off. They tried to kill him now but the dark lord escaped. They decided not to throw the necklace in the fire. So they carried it back and on their way the guy who held it dropped it."

        "So how did my father found it?" asked John.

"He must have found it" replied Yolanda. And now you have it and now it must be destroyed because he has regained...