The Necklace (Altered version of Lord of The Rings) Chapter 1

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Chapter 1

The Death Of The Father

The most beautiful place on earth was my home the Koto it was filled with beautiful gardens and houses. The houses were all tree houses. Who ever lived in the Koto you didn't expect anything strange or mysterious about them. They were perfectly normal people. There was one person who kept something and kept it a secret and never told anybody about it.

It was a necklace which was made of gold and diamonds it was made out of everything rear in the world. In the middle of the necklace there was a Small stone which wrote a word, which know one knew what it was ¿. He was searching everywhere for anwser but he just couldn't get it. The person who owned the is necklace was Halt Khal.

Halt Khal had blue eyes and blonde hair and was 6 feet tall he was hansom and all the women liked him.

He had a son who was really fond of him he had black eyes and black hair he was 5.5 feet and he was the fastest runner you could imagine his name was John Khal. His best friend was Sam was a pretty fast like him they were like brothers.

On one bright, sunny day Halt called his beloved son John he shocked John by saying "I ve got a present for you." John was eager to know because John loved surprises. His father went into his trunk the shiny gold necklace. John gazed at the necklace wondering where he got it.

"This is for you" explained Halt

John was amazed but he muttered out, "Where did you get it."

" I found it when I was on a journey and now I want you to have it." Halt answered.

" I...