The mystery house

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The Great Halloween Spoof



It was a dark and kooky night when it happened. My worst nightmare happened. My friends and I were coming home from the big football game with some girls when {pause} my friend dared me to go into the "so called" old haunted mansion on N. Klent and Broadway Ave.. Why he had to do it in front of my friends and some other kids from school? I was trapped and he knew it. So I walked up the old cracked walkway. Went up the stairs as the wood whined under the weight, and turned the doorknob. Phew I said as the clicking of the knob informed the door was locked. Its locked I yelled as I leaned against an old metal pole that probably once held a flag. Then clunk clunk creak {pause} the metal pole had been pushed down by the weight I had placed on it and the door had opened.

As I entered the house I thought it was the end of me for I stood atop an endless void. Correction I stood in the center of a void looking down into a never-ending drop. Wait a second. There was something wrong here and it wasn't the fact that I felt like I was going to lose my lunch so I jumped. Clunk I felt so stupid I was standing in a room painted to look like a huge hole. So proudly I walked across what was once a frightening room. Wearing a smug little smile on my face {pause} until I fell into what was a void except for the slide that bore me farther into the belly of the beast that was this house.

I was now in the basement or so...