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I have lived in this world now for seventeen years and I'm beginning to understand what it consists of and what us humans think that it's made for. We humans are wasting our world away and not worrying about the future of this beautiful planet. The things I consume are all made in processing factories from all over the world. These things could be like food, clothing, gasoline, etc; I could go on forever on the things that every other human and I consume. I believe that the way we manufacture things is very wasteful and very inconsiderate. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer, but for what if the planet is going down in flames.

        I am very fortunate to live in an area like Miami but then again as I look around me and see everything that's happening. It is considered one of the poorest cities in the U.S.

and most people in it do not care about the environment. This city like every other in the world revolves around money and how to obtain it. I know, as I get older and wiser I will learn even more things about he place I live in but until then I will keep on living with the guidelines that our society has put.

        Things on this planet are there for a reason; we have found many innovative ways to use all of these resources but carelessly we are depleting most of them. Strides toward renewing our resources have been taken but these strides are nothing compared to the potential we have of trying to renew the world, there is too much need as well as greed. There is no way that all of the earth could stop its activities but small strides make a long distance and...