My opinion towards the investment of space research

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The issue that whether the government should spend billions of money in space research has become very hot. It has already turned to be the core topic in the fierce debate among people.

The proponents argued that the government ought to permit the huge amount of money in the budget spending in exploring the space. There are many reasons for this. The first but not least, the natural resources on the earth is decreasing, such as water, land, oil. These are all the essential material in human's life and the modern industry. But with the expansion of population and the pollution, these resources are becoming less and less. Space research has given human a chance to move to another planet, such as Mars. Secondly, it also helps the scientists to discover new kinds of rare metals. At last, humans are always hoping to find another forms of life in the universe.

As a result, people need the research of space no matter how much it costs.

The opponents, however, hold the opposite opinions about the space researches. They list several reasons against the investment in exploring space. First of all, the government's budget is so tight that it causes a lot of shortage of money in many other fields besides space research, like education. And from their point of view, other sections like education have more contributions than exploiting space. Furthermore, space researches have lots of risks connecting to the cost of lives. The third reason against the spending on the space research is that in many cases, the researches have the results, which have nothing valuable. It is just a waste of money. And if the money was used in another way, it could have done a better improvement in people's life.

In my opinions, space research really has...