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It was a rather humid and breezy spring night, when Monty, Fredrick, and their other three friends all decided for the final night of their vacation, they would hit up the largest club in Miami Beach, ending their great week off with a bang. The five guys were all floor-mates from the University of Pittsburgh and flew down to Miami Beach for a quick end of the year bash, just to get their minds off finals and work. The previous six days in Miami were pretty laid back, all of them being far too tired to even contemplate doing anything remotely strenuous. Of the friends, Monty and Fredrick were the only two who had roomed together for the entire semester. The relationship between them was typical between most college roommates, they weren't the best of friends, but they respected one another, so they got along. All the other guys had grown up in Fox Chapel, a small suburb outside of Pittsburgh, so they were all good friends since elementary school.

All in all, they were just a small group of friends who lived on the same floor and hung out together.

        "Get the hell on the bus!" Freddy barked at Monty while he tugged his shirt trying to get him on the bus before the doors closed.

        "Chi, chi, chill out, wuh, why you gotta puhh, pull meh?" Monty finally managed to stutter out. Unfortunately, ever since his parents could remember, Monty possessed a speech impediment that he wasn't able to grow out of. He had a pretty rough childhood, always getting made fun of by his peers for his obvious speaking troubles, and became pretty accustomed to the laughing that came along with it. He lost his temper a few times in the past due to constant mocking...