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Jenny Maguire

English - Americas


        The proud citizen is completely convinced of her/his right to attainment. The green land of opportunity has lasted in the American mindset for centuries, not fading with time, but hungrily increasing as the resources that feed this hunger steadily dwindle. Our America today is filled with blindness, arrogance, and greed. As we advance technologically, intellectually, and socially, we forget to readjust ourselves and our system to the new environment we have created. These strides add only to our sense of pride, while many essentially key goals (such as morale, equality, preservation) become confused as we strive towards our constantly rising standards of success.

Our America basks in the glow of its reputation: a nation of freedom, equality, diversity, and economic success. Since the start of the nation, we have progressed along a difficult path. Although through this course we have ridden over many bumps, we choose to remember the positive, proud, and inspiring aspects of our history and of the present.

America portrays itself as "the golden land of opportunity." How could it not be? Four percent of the world's population controls a much larger share of the world's riches. Furthermore, most of our reputation's ideals are true. Compared to the rest of the world, our America truly is one of the few places where freedom of thought, speech, religion, and equality is not just allowed, but enforced. It is ingrained into our original constitution since our beginnings. This differentiates our America from most of the world.

My personal America, however, diverges from this objective and idealistic view of "our" America. In my world today, I have a sense of freedom, compassion, and equality. However, hidden within these beliefs are the inherent injustices that would taint the proud image of the country and sometimes...