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STARRING: Ethan Hawke, Uma Thurman and Gore Vidal

DIRECTOR: Andrew Niccol

Rating: out of

In the not far away of future, genetics will play an important role in the lives of the Earth's population. Parents will be able to choose virtually every aspect of their child's genetic makeup from the best possible samples of their own DNA. Employers hire people according to the genetic information provided in the applicant's urine or blood sample. Any imperfection, such as bad eyesight, heart disease will be take out .If you have these disease; you will not able to get that job.

The story is told from the point of view of a natural born, genetically challenged, young man named Vincent. He is a bright, geeky child who dreams of the day that he can sit in the planet and leave everything behind. Unfortunately, he has the genetic of a serious heart disease.

He becomes a door-watcher at space port which name is Gattaca, watching the rocket launches while he should be cleaning toilets.

His luck is turned around by a thorough scheme of genetic artifice. In fact, he buys someone else's genetic identity in the black-market. Then he eventually let himself working at Gattaca again, but this time as mission specialist; prepare for a mission to Titan. Unfortunately, he can't keep this job for forever and Vincent gets into trouble when his old identity becomes a suspect in a murder. He worried about himself and he also loves a girl.

Ethan Hawke is a handsome adult actor, giving his best performance to show in this film. His curiosity and motivation pushes his character past all the discouraging remarks from his parents and "valid" peers. Uma Thurman also is... well. Her character is slightly underdeveloped, but the story isn't about her. However,