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Phew, what a day! This morning I had to help my daughter settle a little fight where she had been threatened by Carly's father for hitting his daughter over the head with a book! Adolescence... my young Josie is on a roller coaster of emotions, if you know what I mean. This is probably due to her family / friend relationships, maybe her school life and its pressures, "Christian" beliefs and I guess just that proud Italian heritage she has which she despises so strongly. Like Tomato Day... Josephine hates Tomato Days.

So many reasons why she might be offended by being called a 'wog' even though she uses it herself and is sometimes critical of her own Italian culture. I mean, even after what she said to me that first day I met her, she was still desperate and courageous enough to phone me up at work for help! What was that that she said again? Oh yeah, it was "Be angry, be rude, but don't pretend I'm not here!" So I guess it was the wrong thing to do when I said to Christina that I didn't want to see her, I didn't want to love her and I didn't want anything to do with her.

But now I can see, that what I've heard has all been true... change CAN be triggered by singular events in life.

Josephine now respects me and I think she likes the feeling of having a father figure around. And it's good now that we're communicating again because now I know a lot more of what her problems are like. For example, John Barton; Josie speaks of how he is always troubled... how he struggles to be like his father in their high social class. You know I reckon that...