'In modern times, the rights of individuals have become increasingly threatened by governments.' To what extent has your awareness of danger been influenced by the works of one of more writers.

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Imagine a land in which your right to life and liberty is not absolute, a land where you are no longer free to live your life by your own judgment, but rather are increasingly regulated and forbidden by the state. Imagine that you live in a country, in which you no longer have the right to control the use of you own property, where the state dictates to you how much of your money you be allowed to keep for your own needs, where your freedom of speech is restricted; the state determining what you may and may not say about certain things. In such a situation, just what exactly, does the future hold for you? If your freedom is being continually 'repossessed' by the state, it will eventually evaporate altogether. When it finally does disappear, then what will you be living under...a regime wherein the rights of individuals are virtually non-existent; a dictatorship

Through their respective texts, author Jung Chan, and script-writer/Producer Agnieszka Holland have tried to convey the constraints found in such a world, however in both cases the subject matter has not been imaginary at all.

Wild Swans is a novel which spans three-generations, Jung Chang describing her, her mother's and her grandmother's journey through an ever-changing China. In the latter part of the novel, Jung recounts the country's journey into the darkness of tyranny, faithfully describing the growth of 'communist-china,' led by the ruthless dictator; Mao Zedong. Through the effective medium of the written word, Jung heightens the readers awareness of the abuses prevalent in China during that time, emphasising the total loss of basic human-rights which a better part of the Chinese population experienced. Similarly, in the film Europa Europa, Agnieszka Holland brings to life the true story of Solomon Perel, a...