Meaning of Friendship

Essay by Lightson August 2004

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Friendship is something that develops between two people over the years a bonding. Friendship is not something that happens over matter of days. Friendships occur when they trust each other, meaning there is no time limit to becoming friends. One important thing people can be friends for 50 years even then it could be broken. Some people use friendship to get something from the other person. Many people befriend rich people then leaven them when they are in trouble are poor. Some people value each other so much they put their lives at stake for their friends but would his/her friend do that? Friendship itself is rare because it is rare but at that point they are more family then friends. Friendship is something that has been with humans since the evolution of monkeys to man. First humans trusted each other when they hunted mammoths. The meaning of friendship changes as people row old.

Sometimes friendship starts to mean more to them while to the other less. For kids my age or teen they depend on friends to have fun. However, for adults it's usually business. When friends betray each other it has a huge psychological effect on the person betrayed. When kids grow up together they become family and in the past this formed organizations such as the mafia. Friendship has a lot of faults however like the forming of gays and fake friendship. Their brothers, sisters, mothers, father and most of all childhood friends and advisors have killed many famous people. What I am really saying is friendship is weak it is something that can be broken by jealously, money, revenge and anger. Friendship is a thin wall connecting two people it can be easily broken. When friends do get a thick wall between each other at...