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All organizations require a marketing and strategy plan in place if they are going to try to run a successful campaign. For SBC, finding break through opportunities is a way to stay on top of the competition and to keep profit coming in. As we discussed in our previous paper, SBC is introducing Voice Over IP (VoIP). VoIP will allow users to place voice phone calls over the internet network (IP) instead of through the standard public switchboard phone network. Besides the product and service being identified, one of the first decisions facing SBC is identifying the customers that will be targeted and developing the marketing mix that will need to be developed.

Segmentation Criteria

SBC has a vast amount of customers consisting of both firms and individuals. Each of these customers has different wants and needs. For the sake of this project, we have narrowed our focus down to individuals.

As you know, all individuals still differ on their wants and needs. Neither SBC nor any other organization for that matter can satisfy all customer needs. Through segmentation, SBC must narrow down its target market. There is a two-step process involved in segmentation. The first step is naming its broad product-market and the second is segmenting this broad product-market in order to select target markets and develop an appropriate marketing mix (Perreault-McCarthy, 2002).

Through what is referred to as an aggregating process, SBC must cluster people together that have similar needs. For example High School and College students use the Internet more often than the average person. They may have more use for the VoIP than the person that simply goes on the Internet to book vacations. By clustering people together, SBC is creating a marketing segment. This segment of people will respond to the marketing mix...