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Previous organizational management model has been changed after outsourced workforce has been widely used in every organization. One of the difficult questions that many mangers in United States are facing today is whether to use outsourced labour or not. In this essay, the author will discuss the effective management methods for dealing with ethical issues, culture issues and control issues which occur in American companies, after outsourcing are widely used in U.S. organizations.

Ethics Issue

"Managers are constantly having to consider matters of what is right as well as what is good for the organisation." (Inkson K, Kolb D., 2002, Management Perspective for New Zealand, p106). That is to say those employees sometimes force to sacrifice their own benefits in order to let the organization make achievement or improvement. For instance, in Sharma's company, Indian engineers allowed Sharma spent money on senior mangers, engineers and marketing people in Silicon Valley.

However, the salaries of the Indian engineers are only one-fourth of American counterparts. We can see from the example that the manager only consider the development of his company and take advantage of the cheaper outsourced labour. These Indian engineers should get same treatment as those employees work in America. However, the author think Sharma is good at planning and organizing because he must establish a strong and loyalty team in India to work for the organization's objective which he clearly outlined when the business started in India. From this case we can easily find that leading function has been used wisely in the organisation. Without the effective encouragement, the low-paid Indian engineers will not allow Sharma to spend money on marketing people in Silicon Valley.

The author suggests that Sharma should put more efforts on leading American staffs to work effectively in U.S., meanwhile, he should let them know...