Lord of the Flies- Chapter 4 from "Roger remained watching the littleuns..." to "so that Roger went to him." Suggest how the events described convey the main ideas presented in Golding's novel.

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Among all the events described in the chapter such as: Johnny and Maurice making Percival cry by throwing sand; Henry poking the transparencies and Roger throwing stones at Henry; three important social characteristics are highlighted.

Firstly, the sub-conscious awareness of 'the laws of civilization', 'Now, though there was no parent to let fall a heavy hand' yet Maurice still felt the unease of wrong-doing.', especially when nobody thinks of apologizing.

Secondly, the taboo of the old life 'the protection of parents and school and policemen and the law' also surrounds Henry. Roger keeps on throwing stones near Henry but not at him, because 'Roger's arm was conditioned by a civilization that knew nothing of him...'. Which 'prevents' Roger from hunting him directly.

Thirdly, the struggle or desire to rule over others. One would have thought that with the conch on the island, democracy would have settled on the island however what they actually wanted was individual authority.

For many reasons but chiefly for the sense of security. Golding suggests that when power is gained and challenged, civilization is threatened and destroyed. Thus at the end of the passage describes when Jack beckons Roger with emotions to approach him, marks the first step to destruction - Roger joining Jack ! Golding suggests that in the adult world, that a similar situation is happening. And whilst they're on the island, war is taking place and the island will end up in ruins just like the 'civilization that knew nothing of him...was in ruins.'

Rogers character plays an important role in this passage. His character presents us an evil attitude that will spread throughout the book, all the other boys will change into a Roger. Roger represents evil, he degenerates from a cheeky choirboy who wants to have fun, to a...