Lord of The Flies

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The Lord of the Flies was a bad book and the movie was even worse. Unlike most movies based off of books this one actually got most of it right, some parts were not right though, like how SamnEric were exactly alike in the book in every way, in the book, and they were a lot different in the movie. Another difference was the beast. In the book the beast was described as a big bird but in the movie there was no beast, just a guy in a parachute and a pig head. The last difference is the amount of kids in the movie was less then the amount of kids in the book.

In the book Lord of the Flies it says that SamnEric "were twins, and the eye was shocked and incredulous at such duplication" but in the movie Sam was taller than Eric, or it was Eric taller than Sam.

Only one time did SamnEric say the same thing at the same time in the movie which was no, but they did a lot together in the book. In the movie they were not referred to as SamnEric but as Sam and Eric.

The beast in Lord of the Flies is described by SamnEric as "It was furry. There was something moving behind its head- wings. The beast moved too-" "That was awful. It kind of sat up-" "The fire was bright-" "We'd just made it up-" "-More sticks on-" "There were eyes-" "Teeth-" "Claws." While in the movie, the beast was a man who had gone crazy and a pigs head on a stick.

The last difference I noticed was the amount of kids. In the book, Piggy said there were too many kids for him to count, yet in the movie there was around...