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In a town with no name

I walk at night

the streets are mine

nobody in sight

as moonbeams glisten

off the windows of my home

I think about the sadness

of being all alone

No family to speak of

No love in my life

not since the night

when I killed my wife

she was a spunky little girl

red hair and brown eyes

her presence was arousing

a devil in disguise

We were living down in Dallas

and heat was in the air

she'd be gone sometimes all night long

and I sensed an affair

One night, when I arrived

I opened up the door

and there was my asshole brother

in bed with the dirty whore

Well my brother ran out the window

before I could apprehend

and my wife just had that look in her eye

she knew that she wouldnt win

At this point I thought I'd better leave

and give my nerves a chill

so I walked through the yard to my car

and drove back down the hill

then when I got back into town

I called my answering machine

there was the sound of her voice

apologizing for what I'd seen

so I dialed up her numbers

and she said "hello"

I said "how ya feelin"

she said "pretty low"

she said that she was sorry

for all that she had done

then there was a long silence

then the sound of a shooting gun

The guilt drove her to suicide

taking her own life

and that, my friends was the story

of how I killed my wife