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Dear Mother,

How are you mother? I have reached here at the Loman's family safely, and everything is fine so far. It has been a week since I have arrive here, and everyone is so kind, especially aunt Linda. I just meet uncle Will Loman few days ago, where he'd just arrive from the Yonkers from business, and he looked exhausted as hell. I have some great news for you mother. Biff, who was staying at the Brooklyn home after being away for many years, has unexpectedly shown up to live with his parents and his younger brother, Happy. Thus, this has made my trip worth every penny I have spent, since it is a full house after all. I just hope uncle Loman will stay here with us until my trip comes to an end. Never know when unexpected business may just pop-up.

Everything has been going smooth, were all happy and having so much fun.

That is till uncle Loman had come back from his business trip from the Yonkers. He had been happy to see his wife, Linda, and his younger son Happy. But as soon has he'd seen his elder son, Biff, the atmosphere had changed. The smirk on his face has disintegrated into many pieces. After that day on, the ambiance in the house had changed. I have caught uncle Loman talking to himself alone at the hours of darkness. It appears he's not only talking to himself at times, but rather to a fellow named Ben. It's like he's having a conversation with someone who's not even there at all. Who exactly is Ben? I do not understand this mother, is there something that I don't know about the relationship between uncle Loman Biff, and Ben?

Biff and Happy has been a wonderful companion.