King Arthur and The Code of Conduct

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What is a code of conduct? There is sundry answers to

this, but only a few good ones. Is it something that

people learn about as they grow older, or is it

something that people are born into? A code of

conduct is something that people live by. It can be

in respect for other people, themselves or the things

around them. A lot of time it has to do with morals,

values and what they look for in life. Codes of

conduct change just as much as time changes. There

are reasons why a code of conduct is valuable in life,

what's appropriate for today, and the code of conduct

that was in King Arthur's time, how well it would fit

in today's society.

A code of conduct is a sumptuous thing to have in life. It is very valuable. This is to not only keep everyone on the same page, but also so everyone has to follow the same rules.

This makes it so everyone has the same consequences in the end. In King Arthur's time, the code of conduct then was; you had to abide by being helpful, loyal, honest, and merciful. Having a code of conduct is basically letting you look out for yourself, and know what it is that you did or are doing. It also becomes a self-conscious thing to some people. A code of conduct makes a person have something to live up to. If they're not living up to being loyal, or truthful then they have a reason to try and start.

It gives you a base where you know you would not want to cross because the feeling would be worse than what it was you did. It is also very valuable in life because it keeps you at a...