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Black Stains on White Hands

Once immaculate hands are now tainted with the dark stains of hate and prejudice.

Recently, Maycomb has been through numerous situations that have changed the way this town thinks. We have experienced and felt emotions we never realized we had. The many unsettling problems that have occurred have put stress on all of us.

As most of you will know, our town of Maycomb has been through a tough time. I'm sure you will remember the fire that took Miss Maudie Atkinson's house from her recently, and she'd like to thank all those who helped her that night. This event has brought the best out of everyone in our community; but of course, Maycomb is a town of many faces.

However, this is but one of the recent events that took place in Maycomb. The incident that had the entire town questioning their beliefs was of course the trial of Tom Robinson.

What seemed a simple case where a Negro would be convicted of the crime had everyone in doubt of what to believe and just how tolerant they were of their own neighbours.

Atticus Finch was chosen to defend Tom and to our disbelief he accepted this position. After this choice, he was shunned by the whole of the white community. This was a decision that he made both as a respected lawyer and tolerant citizen. Even with our criticism, he stood by his word and defended Tom Robinson as well as he could. Mr. Finch knew Robinson had no chance of acquittal, for Maycomb was not ready to accept that a black man may be innocent. But that didn't stop him.

The trial was amazing in itself and the whole town came to watch. This proved even with our prejudice, we still...