The islanders part 6: the truth

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The islanders part 6: The Truth

The moment I saw her I knew she was lying. I could hear her now. That little tramp.

"We must make our move now." It was Guilona's voice. "Yes my dear, but does he suspect us?" A man with pale skin and brown hair and brown eyes was talking, he was tall, and he had a French accent. "Francisco, he is a fool, he has no idea what is going on, he thinks I am getting supplies right now, let us make our move when I give you the signal you bring your men and we kill him, steal the gold and then that is the end of it." Francisco laughed, he took Guilona into his arms and kissed her, "You are very clever my dear." "I must go now."

I felt sick the little bitch betrayed Kamoha.

Kamoha was waiting for her.

"Did you have any trouble my dear?" She smiled, "No, but I missed you terribly." He hugged her, "There is no need to worry." "Beloved, I heard the pirates say they are going to leave today, they say they waste their time." "The day gets better by every second." She kissed him, "Yes it does." Francisco was behind Komoha with a dagger in his hand, he crept slowly behind him, Francisco brought up his hands above his head and brought his dagger down into Kamoha's heart.

Kamoham looked at Guilona with complete horror, "You...." She laughed, "Oh, love it looks like you have been hurt, I must say thank you for leading us straight to the gold." She kissed him on his forehead.

Francisco put his arm around her and kissed her cheek. "I must say, you did a wonderful job! Thank you dearest, but we must hurry." He called...