The islander part 7: The end

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The islanders part 7: The End.

I woke up to see Lapepa sleeping next to me. I was in my bikini, the sand felt so wonderful on my skin. I was staring at the beach, it was so wonderful.

"Good morning." I turned and smiled at him, "Good morning to you too." He kiss my lips lightly. "Did you have pleasant dreams." I smiled again, "Yes I did, I found out that Kamhoa didn't give them the gold." He looked at me, "Is that all you found out?"

I told him the whole thing, he listened without interrupting. When I finished he answered after a log pause.

"But, what proof do we have, how many people will believe us?" I looked at the floor, "You believe me right?" He lifted my chin, "Of course I believe you." He stood up, and took a deep breath. "Wait!! I know where the cave is!" He looked at me and smiled, "Then what are we waiting for?" "I still have to get dressed, lets go back to the house and let me change."

"OK, but let us hurry."

I grabbed my clothes off the floor, we walked back to the house, I opened the door, to find Jimmy on the couch. "Shh!" He nodded his head and we walked to my room, once I got inside I locked the door.

I sighed, "I need to take a shower." "I do too." He grinned, "How about we take it together." I smiled, "I thought you would have never asked, get the water started I'm going to write a letter to everyone telling them I am okay." He walked into the bathroom, I could hear the water flowing. I took out a pen and paper, I wrote quickly.

I walked into the bathroom. The warm...