Internet crime and privacy

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Criminals that engage into internet crime can get rid of the old ski masks, and dangerous weapons, and simply arm themselves with a computer, a modem and an intelligent plan to rob a bank right from the comfort of their own homes.

Is it really that easy to steal user identities, violate the so-called high-tech security of a bank and conduct transactions that would surrender millions, even billions of dollars? Internet crime is not confined to the contents of a bank's vault at any specific moment. The robbery can be much more solid, letting the criminal accrue more money over time until a bank, financial institution or individual becomes aware of the fact that a crime has been committed.

I understand that the same is true of credit card theft. Cybercriminals only have to steal credit card numbers from multiple victims, rather than rendering themselves to the physical risk of attacking a single victim on the street by purse snatching.

Once a cybercriminal acquire a credit card or access someone's personal information, such as, a social security number and/or driver's license, criminals can then go on a spending spree that might go undetected for quite some.

Criminal justice experts say cyber crime is growing faster than conventional crime. Software developers are making considerable investments to increase the security of there products, as well as provide guides and training on the best practices for security.

Security experts from Microsoft also are participating in initiatives sponsored by governmental agencies, such as, the Department of Homeland Security and Congress. There aim is at strengthening the nation's critical infrastructure, ranging from recommended engineering processes in software development, to effective patch management, to how best to create the business ecosystem required to broadly support robust security practices.

Microsoft is also working with law enforcement on...