Inhibitors to E-Business adoption

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Executive summary:

This report pinpointed the reason, factors, issue and problem that E-business facing in today's business world.

For the last decade, people looking forward for the business solution and improvement to achieve cost effective, customer satisfaction in order to gain a significant market share and profit.

Therefore, market size and projection for e-business can be different widely because it includes many diverse components. These range from e-business infrastructure and platforms, and e-business technologies, content and applications (in terms of software, architecture and business), to their integration with existing commercial systems.

This report came in highlight the tools and technology such as email, video conferencing, Internet over come some problem that brick and mortar currently facing likes time, space, and manpower, yet there are some constraint of these e-business tool, certain approach also been discussed in this report. Research showed that, there will a dramatically increase of the usage of the Internet in the future, which given a good opportunities for the entrepreneur to create a new channel to gain more market share and enhance their service to build up their reputation.

Effective customer relationship management enable the organization to retain their existing consumer, yet target new segment. By adopting E-business, there are advantages for the both customer and e-business.

Before adopting e-business, organization or entrepreneur must take a closer examination of the business foundation, people involve, interplay between all the related parties, analysing competitor, the likelihood of shifting company culture, technology and tools requires. All these issue are the main interpretation of developing a new e-business, without a concentrate study on these issue, it will become the negative impact for the organization in the future development.

Pressure from individual, society and government play a significant role of developing e-business also been covered in this report with a detail discussion,