India: Factors leading prostitution

Essay by radiant July 2004

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For the last fifty-seven years Governments in India have been claiming to become a super power of the world. Unfortunately the reality is entirely different from the false and tall claims made by the governments. India, a nuclear power, has very pathetic economic conditions so the biggest factor forcing women to join prostitution is the survival of their families. Unfortunately, even the recently elected government has also announced an increase in the budget of defense, means further reduction from the budget of welfare. India, the leading populated country of the world after China, has very little foreign investments due to its recent tensions with neighbor country, Pakistan. This lack of foreign investments result in the form of unemployment that results in further prostitution.

In order to make both ends meet, the families are forcing their females in the field of prostitution. The portrayal of the living standards of people in India in the media is another factor that is causing increase in prostitution.

Females even from the prosper and reputable families are also indulging in this field for the purpose of earning easy money to reach certain living standards portrayed by the media. Another reason for the increase in prostitution is the availability of free ground to the women and children traffickers. Further women are brought from Nepal and Bangladesh in India, which are forced to handle eight to ten clients daily. These women are compensated only in the form of food and shelter for their services by their respective owners. The prostitution industry in India could not brought a change in the lives of people, as the poverty level and competition for the clients are so high that women are available for less than $1.

There is a strong need of changing entire system to...