Inaugural Address by John F. Kennedy

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The "Inaugural Address" revealed the personality traits of John F. Kennedy. The "Inaugural Address" proved that John F. Kennedy was a peaceful, liberal, patriotic, wise, educated and faithful person. He had prudent plans of ending the difference of rich and poor as well as of giving equal rights to everyone, and he also had a policy of maintaining peace in the world. These are the revelations which have come from his speech.

John F. Kennedy was a wise, well educated, patriotic, liberal and a peaceful person. He united the whole U.S together. He remembered the revolution, which our ancestors had brought by facing numerous hardships. He urged Americans to work for the development of U.S.A and to make the future bright for coming American generations. Moreover, President Kennedy told his nation to be united in order to demonstrate to the world that Americans could face any obstacles and challenges, and Americans could bare all the hurdles and troubles to verify their endurance and autonomy.

Later, he requested the whole world to be united and work together to make the world peaceful and make it a better place to live. He also told the other nations to collaborate for the development of the world and let help and support each other in order to make a healthy relationship with each other. Then, he advised the whole world to use the scientific technologies in a beneficial way not in a destructive way, which gave the whole world the concept of idealism. This shows that he was a patriotic, peaceful and a sincere person. He addressed the U.S foes in such a polite manner, which expected of well mannered, educated and respectful person.

His vigorous plans in the cause of ending the difference of rich and poor made...