Hotel Entropy

Essay by spoonman419 August 2004

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Most people think my bong is the ****.

But I'm no common drug mule.

I'm just a man fighting for his sanity.

In a sea of bliss.

I don't understand why we can't all just get along.

Do you not understand my abyss.

The scented smoke flows throughout my room.

And I find myself lost in the sea of bliss.

And down the hall an echo is heard.

An echo of paradise.

Scratching through the surface.

The gonzo journalism shines brightly into our soul.

And my new pipe's decor flows brilliantly like an ethereal duck.

It's the simpler life for me.

Once flowing down a meadow.

The pride of the once foolish man is bothersome.

You will find your own meaning.

Why can God simply not find a place for his children?

The evil fuels the inverse fire of good.

Complexity does not equate to greatness.

The simpler life somes is greater.

My green sometimes inspires love.

Most often inspires love and care.

If everyone is doing it, does that mean it's bad?

I wouldn't imagine so.

Do you understand the meaning of life?

Organization is key.

The rapeseed of our fundamentalist organization;

Cannot be quashed.

Is the pipe of peace.

Truly a pipe of insanity?

The agnostic cosmology shatters my illusion of reality.

To the diminishing point of insanity.

The highest freedom of Everest cannot escape my path.

My path bleeds through an insane man's fury.

To which judgement is skewed.

The weed is good at my Hotel Entropy.

You cannot find true love in my worthwhile free will.

A vase may shatter into one thousand pieces when dropped.

But dropping one thousand pieces will not produce a vase.

The rolling papers of desire roll counter-clockwise.

Into the spirit of a deep man.

The subconscious desire...