The Hero of The Metamorphosis

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The first impression Gregor, the main character in Kafka'sThe Metamorphosis, is that he is a pretty pathetic person with little hope of accomplishing anything great, a loser. However, after more careful consideration, it can be seen that Gregor has some very redeeming qualities. He is the most unselfish character in the story and the most deserving of respect. Gregor is the sole provider for his parents and sister and is sacrificing much for his family. After Gregor's metamorphosis into a roach, he continues to show greater concern for his family than for himself, while his family does not reciprocate concern or love for him.

This unselfishness can be seen most readily in Gregor's work ethic. He is the only member of his family to have a job, believing that he is the only one capable of holding one. Under the belief that he was to be the sole provider for the family, Gregor took a job with his father's creditor, before even consulting with his family.

Gregor's family is impressed with his ability to provide for them. He is making enough money to have hired a cook and a servant. He is even thinking about sending his sister to the conservatorium to enhance what he believes to be musical talents. Gregor is always ready to go out on his rounds as early as possible, never taking breaks. When he returns from his rounds, the other employees are still eating breakfast. In all of the five years he has worked for his father's creditor, he has never once been absent. Except when he becomes a cockroach, which would normally be good excuse for missing work.

Gregor has sacrificed a social life for his work. He has no friends and does not go out in the evenings. His only hobby...