Heaven- A description of Heaven as a brief spin-off to Dante's vivid description of the bowels of Hell.

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Heaven as I see it is not above the Earth. It is an ever expanding planet at the end of space. Even though it is a great distance from Earth, one just has to look skyward as if looking into a massive telescope and will see the far reaches of space. Gigantic planets and clouds of different colored gases and lights are as easily seen as the faces of your loved ones back on Earth.

Every morning starts with a sunrise that is more intense and awe-inspiring as the one the day before. During the day there is a bright sunshine that is never hot, but warm and cozy. The sparkling clear blue sky is spattered with just the right touch of billowing white clouds that you can reach out and touch; cool, misty cotton. At dusk, the sun gradually hides and leaves behind a trail of magnificent colors, bright pinks, dark purples, oranges and the blues that slowly loosen their grip on the day to the moon and stars.

At night everything is surrounded with the faintest soft white glow. Just enough light for there to not be a need for streetlights.

Every home is a modest dwelling, meeting all your needs. Inside each home is a unique aroma fitting to the owner's past. It may be that of fresh baked cookies from Christmas's past or Grandma's homemade bread rising in the oven. The aroma is not strong yet you can almost taste the flavor as the scents seem to liquefy right in your mouth. Outside the lawns are meticulously manicured. Gardens are overflowing with always ripe fruits and vegetables that seem to almost jump into your hand begging for you to take a bite and release their flavors!

As you walk around you know everybody's...