He Approaches... Are You Ready?

Essay by spoonman419High School, 10th grade July 2004

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He approaches the cliff

Arms spread like an eagle

He gets a running start

And leaps off

For three seconds he is free

He climbs back up and goes again

Birds chirp and Flowers sing.

And the trees dance with the wind.

The dirt walks down the path,

And finds some grass to grasp.

Mosquitoes sleep in their beds,

While spiders count stars.




They are infinite.

Close your eyes,

Look deep inside.

I'm going to take you on a ride.

We're gonna fly through forests and glide through lakes.

We're gonna do whatever it takes.

On our ride we will be

So unbelievably free.

This you will see.

Just trust in me,

And take my hand

For a journey to a faraway land.

We'll do whatever it takes.

This you'll see.

We will dance through the forests of time,

And shout our battle cries to the wind.

When we are sober we will watch the sun rise in the east,

And welcome us to the beginning of a new day.

Dive into the floor and come out the other end.

You are my closest friend.

Swim in the lake,

This isn't fake.

It is real,

And your mind will not heal.

You will experience visions and living dreams.

A taste of heaven, or so it seems.

That this world is so sweet.

The cigar burns away,

Just like time in a way.

No more smiles,

No more rent.

We have seen it all being spent.

Now we wait and watch for death to approach us.

Here he comes.

I am ready.

Are you?