How have the Shrzynecki's perspective of Australia altered in the first 3 poems? How has language been used to convey this?

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Change can occur in many different forms, one of the most powerful being a change in perspective. It can alter images of people, place, and even their path in life. The poems "Crossing the Red Sea", "Migrant Hostel", and "10 Mary Street", by Peter Shrzynecki, show a migrant families change in perspective of Australia as their experiences grow. The use of language has allowed their thoughts and emotions associated with their migration and new home land, to be explored. Similes, religious symbolism and bird imagery are just some of the techniques used to further the readers understanding of this traumatic journey in a families life.

The journey to Australia and the anticipation of a new home is the main theme in "Crossing the Red Sea". This poem deals with the varying emotions that the migrants face as they "watch a sunset they would never see again".

There is a sense of nostalgia between these people of different backgrounds who were once enemies "Patches and shreds of dialogue Hung from fingertips".

Religious imagery is used throughout the poem to show the belief these people have that a higher being will help them to make a fresh start "Who was saying a prayer in thanksgiving For miracles". The poem refers to "Lazarus" who was the brother of Mary and Martha as well as a friend of Jesus. Jesus went to the tomb of Lazarus and brought him back to life. This displays their sense of hopefulness and anticipation that God will help them to leave their war torn lives behind and begin again.

The contrast between night and day is also used as symbolism in this poem. "All night" they feel more confident to speak out and share their emotions. The night gives them protection and allows them...