Great Expectations by Charles Dickens. Essay on topic of: Does Molly still want to kill Estella?

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Molly does not want to kill Estella anymore because it was jealousy and anger that first lead her to want to kill Estella. Now many years later Molly does not hold the same anger and jealousy that she did before. Molly wanted to kill Estella for the main reason that she was angry at Magwitch, which is shown from the quote "On the evening of the very night when the object of her jealousy was strangled as I tell you, the young woman presented herself before Provis for one moment, and swore that she would destroy the child" (378). Molly swore she was going to kill Estella just to terrorize and get back at Magwitch for liking another woman, and it is anger which led her to say this. Now, since Molly does not know that Magwitch is even alive now, she has to desire to kill Estella. Also Molly has no desire to kill Estella because she already made Magwitch suffer for what he had made her jealous for, shown by the quote "'Did the woman keep her oath?' 'There comes the darkest part of Provis's life. She did'" (378). Since Molly has made him suffer for many years for what he did to her, she would not have much of reason to want to kill Estella. Molly also does not want to kill Estella now because Molly has feelings for her, shown by the quote "Only the subject we were speaking of; was rather painful to me" (362). Molly says this when Jaggers is talking about how Drummle will either beat Estella or cower before her, which devastates her. Since she still cares and has feelings for Estella, Molly would most likely not want to still kill her. Molly does not want to...