Getting Ready for Surgery

Essay by facistpanties July 2004

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Thousands of people have surgery all over the country. Most people do not know the preparation that goes into each operation performed. There are many steps leading to the operating room. A surgical technician can illustrate a surgical start by describing the set up of a back table, a surgical scrub, and donning a sterile gown and gloves for the procedure.

Setting up a back table for surgery requires a surgical technician to check the supplies needed for the procedure, open the sterile drape for the back table, and open the sterile packages for the items needed. The surgical technician must first start by checking the supplies needed by studying the physician's preference card for the procedure. The items on the card will need to be acquired and verified with the items listed. The next step would be to get the correct suture that will be needed. After checking the supplies, the surgical technician will need open the sterile drape for the back table.

The first step would be to open the pack following the arrows printed on the package. Then, the folded sides need to be extended to far edges of the table. After extending the edges, the sides need to be unfolded to cover the table completely. The next step would be to open the sterile items required for the procedure. Each item should be checked for sterility before opening. Some items can be peeled back on the edges like a band aid and dropped onto the table. There are other items that need to be unfolded like an envelope and then dropped onto the table. After checking the supplies, opening the back table pack, and opening the items needed for the procedure, the back table will be set up for surgery.

After setting up a...