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Y? I don't mean why. I mean the letter Y. The human genes are either XX or XY. Anybody who studied biology will tell you that. All it takes is one letter to make a difference if you will be a boy or a girl. In society today, one of the major things that divide us is gender. It's the biggest part of a person's life. I will explore this subject down to three topics of wearing a veil, fatherhood and pageants. After all, these are choices that has to be made.

First off, the veil. The veil is a tradition in the Middle East. It is worn to keep the modesty of the person. The hijab or veil is worn by choice. Sometimes it is enforced by the government, which makes the choice of a woman to be less meaningful. This is a cultural for modesty.

In the Koran, "lower your eyes, and be modest" are the rules on how a person should be dressed. (30 Days, para. 2)

Men also cover, their heads too. A tribe in the Sahara called the Tuareg, it has been reversed. In this society, women can divorce their husband and the men wear the veil. Men wear the veil to protect themselves from the burning sun and irritating sand. Also, many of the most feared men keep their identity as a secret by wearing the veil in the past and today. (PBS, para. 3) Overall, it is up to the interpretation of religion on how and who should cover the face.

Second topic to be discussed is fatherhood. Under Islam, being a Mother is the greatest thing to be as you can give life into this world. (30 Days, para. 3) Unfortunately not many men can take part of this...