How the Garcia Girls Lost Their Accents

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America has many immigrants from different countries.

But is everyone adjusted the new culture? The answer

is no. It is true that young children can easily fit

into this society and adapted the new culture.

However, there are still many older immigrants

participated in their native culture. Because of the

hange?and ot change?situation, that is why many

families have conflicts between parents and children.

That is exactly what Julia Alvarez mentioned in her

novel, ow the Garcia Girls Lost Their Accents? she

point out how the Garcia girls change their cultures

in the new country when they assimilates into it and

bring gains as well as losses to their family.

The Garcia is a wealthy family in Dominican Republic.

The father Carlos often bought presents from FAO

Schwarz in the United States for his daughters and

wife. Garcia is a happy family because the four girls

are highly obedient to their parents as one of their

culture. However, things are getting bad for the

Garcia when Carlos got in trouble with the secret

police for agitating against the military

dictatorship. Under the help of a CIA operative, they

managed to get out of the country and live in New York

City. Although the Garcia family escaped from

Dominican Republic, they need to face a new

environment as well as a new culture in America as


Degree of independence is one of the cultures

different between Dominican Republic and America.

Since father Carlos left Dominican Republic as a

mature man, he expected his daughters behave the same

way as Dominican woman would. He scared his daughters

will be mature and assimilate into the American

culture. That is why he always fights with his

daughters when they show a spark of independence or

individuality. However, since the girls came...