The gap between countries have become smaller and smaller.

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During the last two decades, the whole world has increasingly promoted their connection and cooperation to such a degree that "the global village" is not a catchword any longer. People can share the same enjoyment, even living at the different corner across the world. In my opinion, the growing popularity of this phenomenon has inspired three main benefits below.

First of all, it has stimulated people's aspiration for a higher standard of living, and further, propelling the democratisation process. To take China as an example, it was continuously scourged by the dictatorship in 1970s, but the Chinese people sought to pursue a better off life. Thanks to the open and reform policy which was implemented early in 1980s, they initiated their approaching the outside world. With more and more technologies and entertainment pouring in, they earn a higher income and consequently opt for a more enlightened political system. Other countries have the same experience.

Secondly, it has set a favourable environment for those businesspeople who are scouring for business opportunities, which can in return, plough their profit back into the national economy. The rising similarity between consumers' view toward commodities can make it easier for manufacturers to market their product. For example, some branded medicines can thus win acceptance from worldwide patients, which can save enormous money possibly involved in medical research.

Last but not least, it could also trigger the youth hopefuls' curiosity on foreign countries, and hence, they will seek to go abroad for study. Education is widely regarded as the medicine to poverty-plagued countries. International students can benefit both their host country with academic expense, and their home country with renewed technologies. This is a win-win situation, which can spread throughout the world.

To summarise, globalisation has favoured our life in economic, political and academic aspects.