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In an organization, managers create and maintain an internal environment that employees can efficiently work in. A manager's responsibility is to plan, organize, lead, and control the resources of an organization. These resources include positions held by employees, technology utilized by the business, the facilities where the business conducts business; as well as the equipment, materials and supplies that are needed by the business. Information and financial management are additional responsibilities that are shared by managers. Managers work in a very dynamic environment and must predict and adapt to all the challenges.

In my organization, the planning process involves devising a well-organized process for carrying out the goals of our organization. This plan will prepare the business for future advancement. Organizing involves arranging necessary resources to carry out the plan; this process creates structure and establishes relationships to accomplish the goals of the business. The leading process involves guiding, directing, and overseeing employees to the goals of the organization.

The Controlling process involves verifying that actual performance matches the plan (Gary Dessler, 2003, p.5). If the performance of the organization does not match the plan, corrective action must be taken.

Within my structured organization, there are various levels of management. The supervisors, or leads, are managers that direct the organization with emphasis on controlling the work performed by employees in order to achieve our team's goals. There is only one level of management; therefore, most of their time is spent on the planning and organizing. The top manager, or the "store manager", and the assistant store

manager, or the "operational manager", determine the mission and set the goals of my organization. Their primary function is long range planning. The store manager is

accountable for the overall management of the organization. The operational manager implements the management goals. And the leads...