From Friendship to Love By Christina Mahoney

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In East Brunswick, New Jersey, I was living what may be called a life. I had three children, was newly divorced, and living back with my parents, which had me severely depressed. Friends and family tried to snap me out of it to no avail. Then one day a good friend said, "Christina, I signed you up for" I was extremely upset by this news and started to complain about the audacity of some people. She informed me that I did not have to do anything if I did not want to and that it was there, if I so desired.

After about 3 days of membership to the site, I decided to check it out. I logged in using the information Stephanie provided. To my surprise, there were twelve emails from men wanting to get to know me better. I read each one and then deleted them all.

I went into the search engine and put in what I wanted in a man. A list of 12,000 men came up. At this point, I reasoned to myself this was insanity. I closed out the browser window and went to lie in my bed and mope about the futility of ever meeting a man who would want my three children and me.

The next morning I woke up and decided that once again I would try to find a man to talk to and spend time. So back into, I ventured. This time I was very specific in what I wanted and since this time I put in a state requirement, only 750 men showed up. Once again, I wanted to give up but something stopped me. I decided to let fate and GOD choose for me... and I randomly clicked on a name.

I laughed when...